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Financial Analyst Program

There are certain fundamental technical skills that are absolutely necessary to pursue a career in finance. Our Financial Analyst Program not only introduces these concepts, but also ensures that analysts exit the program with the confidence and ability to hold high-level, in-depth conversations regarding these topics. Aside from technical knowledge, analysts will also be able to develop soft skills through team assignments and presentations. Members of the Financial Analyst Program will participate in separate weekly meetings designed to complement the general weekly workshops.

We recommend this program for those with a strong interest in finance but not necessarily dedication to a specific career path. The fundamental skills acquired in the program can be used throughout several different areas of the financial services industry. 

The applications are now closed.

Investment Banking Analyst Program

Our Investment Banking Analyst Program provides students with significant exposure to the world of Investment Banking. We have set up supplementary education that emulates the work of an analyst in the field with a combined technical and conceptual emphasis. This education is designed to improve students' financial modeling and valuation skills through weekly discussions and assignments. They present their analysis at select meetings.

We recommend this program for those who have already shown their dedication to finance and have specific interest in investment banking. It is highly advised that applicants to this program already have a strong grasp of basic financial and accounting concepts. 

The applications are now closed.

Data Analyst Program

Similar to the Financial Analyst and the Investment Banking Analyst programs offered by FES, the Data Analyst program will look to teach financial topics, however with the integration of technology. The program does assume that participants have a basic understanding of Python 3.5 and have an interest in fields such as finance, mathematics, programming, and statistics. This will allow a focus on financial applications more so than focusing on basic programming syntax. Some of the course objectives will include analyzing and visualizing financial stock data, introduction to time series data and some common financial analyses such as volatility calculations, development of simple trading strategies including momentum strategies and other technical indicators,

The applications are now closed.